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Readers testimonials

« Cynthia, I savored your very first book...I was delighted, from the start, by the simplicity you have in sharing your experience with us. Your many lines of thought have greatly helped me. Lots of super useful and interesting strategies. Your vocabulary is accessible, and we feel that it's good for the soul. It breathes hope! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to those around me. It's a book that you can read and reread as many times as you want... It feels good... I found myself underlining passages that will help me to refresh my new knowledge. »  Nancy Godbout


« I finished your book. It really is a pearl, easy to read.  A balm for the soul in these times of chaos.  Incredibly well-simplified tools, well-explained tips and strategies. This book is now one of my favorites! He even helped me through a little rough patch that I hadn't seen coming. Thank you for this jewel. » Stephane Lemieux


« The book Sortie du bois by Cynthia Daoust is a big heart for me. The author's way of thinking is outside the beaten path. Her way of seeing depression, not as a mental illness but as a state of being, is unprecedented. Cynthia's strategies are an approach to allow her to take control of her life and to operate a permanent metamorphosis. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get out of a difficult time or is looking for keys to well-being. » Lyne Bouchard

  " I  just finished your book. wow! By the way, I'm a guy who doesn't read, but this is just wow! It is very well written and very informative on several points. He can help a lot of people. Your story made me live full of emotions, more than once. I cried, I laughed, it made me come back to old memories, I thought about the present. A book that I suggest reading and even rereading because there is a lot of information, tips for better days. Thank you Cynthia Daoust and well done for sharing your writings. »

Roger Beauchemin

There are no words to describe all the emotions you put me through. This is a wonderful book that everyone should read.  It makes you think. It is good to question yourself.  Your tools are simple and easy to apply.  I've worked a lot on myself in the last few years and being positive even in difficult times makes all the difference.  Thank you for this beautiful moment! »

Guylaine Harvey

“I just devoured your book, your story. I shed a few tears while reading some chapters. I even, in a few hundred pages, did a retrospection of my preconceived ideas about depression and about my own life journey. Thanks for sharing your story. It touched me and made me realize many things. Excellent read, which puts into perspective several preconceived ideas.  »

Michel Ladouceur

Just like Cynthia, I am a project, vision and action leader. The image I have with my clients is that of the strong and positive woman, I have identified myself a lot in your life experiences both from the point of view of overwork and that of resilience in the face of adversity. It's still not easy with the crisis, and reading you reassured me and made me see that everything changes, you just need to have the right outlook on things.  Your point of view on the state of depression rather than saying that it is an identity of our person to be depressed, I find that it makes a lot of sense and it has had an impact in my work with my clients in consultation. A big thank you for this very enriching sharing! »

Maryse Allard

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