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Cynthia Daoust, author

Author of the book OUT OF THE WOODS

Interview with Cynthia to talk about the book OUT OF THE WOODS.

Date of interview: March 19, 2021. 

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Cynthia Daoust, author

Entrepreneur, precursor, passionate, Cynthia Daoust has been producing corporate events for over 27 years and owner of Sphéria Events for over 19 years. Cynthia exudes an unparalleled energy and inspires everyone she meets with her exemplary passion. She has produced more than 400 corporate events in her career and she is also a producer of her own in-house events. She is a volunteer business mentor for Réseau M. She is a volunteer speaker for young people in connection with entrepreneurship and perseverance. She has been involved since 2016 at the Laurentides Suicide Prevention Center.


From her early childhood, Cynthia loved to write. She has kept a diary since the age of 14. She has written pages since!

Fascinated by words, she has often said that they have the power to inspire or hurt. Choosing the right words to use is essential in our communications with each other, says Cynthia.  

She is convinced that if we were more aware of the energy that the words we speak carry, we would be much more careful of the use that we make of them.  

With her words, Cynthia chooses to inform, motivate, question, inspire, transform and help others.  

It was in 2019 that she finally decided to put her dream of writing a book into action in order to help people get out of difficult times. His book Out of the Woods is a guide to key strategies, concrete questions and proven methods that can not only help a person get out of a whirlwind of depression, but also reduce the chances of reliving such a dramatic episode. 

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Cynthia Daoust, author

“It's still uncomfortable to admit that 20 years ago, I had a burnout followed by a major depression. The discomfort comes mainly from the feeling of judgment that some people have on individuals who have lived through these difficult times. The false belief, existing in the collective consciousness, that depression is an illness rather than a state of being, leads people to mistakenly think that a person experiencing depression has a mental illness or is "weak" for having experienced this. This inaccurate and reductive notion contributes to the sustained silence of the souls wounded by these states of being.    

It was in 2019 that I was tired of hearing faulty and misinformed comments related to depression: “You can't get out of it without medication. “It's a disease like diabetes. “It's a shame, I thought he was a guy with a strong personality. “No one really gets out of it, it's a brain disorder for life. »

I couldn't keep quiet on the subject any longer. I intended to educate people and open their hearts to possibilities other than the false beliefs that have been instilled in us over the years.

Having conceptualized strategies and techniques to get out of severe depression in 2002, having also demonstrated over the years that these methods have proven themselves, I understood that the social landscape was missing my story, my message , my experience.


In the first and second chapters, you will witness my fall into darkness as well as the ascension into my transformation.

In the following chapters, you will discover seven strategies for coming out of depression or trying times in a natural and committed way. You will be able to distinguish your limiting beliefs (those that block you) from your evolutionary beliefs (those that move you forward). You will learn to perceive your automatic negative programs and you will have precise techniques to deprogram them. You will learn motivational strategies that will help you identify, as well as change the lenses through which you view events in your life. You will learn about five effective methods to achieve well-being and a more peaceful inner life. You will get the list of specific questions that will help you discover your Authentic Self, in order to experience an inspiring metamorphosis.

I wrote this book considering that my experience can open the path of understanding and compassion while offering proven formulas to help a person get out of the woods. »

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