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Out of the Woods

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This book is a guide to key strategies, concrete questions and proven methods that can not only help a person get out of a whirlwind of depression, but also reduce the chances of reliving such a dramatic episode. Whether you are someone who would like to use techniques to get out of difficult times, whether you are accompanying someone who is going through a difficult state, or someone in the middle of a storm, this book is for you.

Surprised to see that the vast majority of books and information on depression treat the subject as if it were a mental illness instead of a state of being, Cynthia decides to tell her unusual journey from darkness to out of the woods. Having gone through severe depression 20 years ago  years, she has created inspiring coping strategies. She can now say that thanks to her methods developed over the years, she has transformed her life for the better.

Do you want to get out of the woods? You will discover in this book a compass, a road map, indications, a clear path, while finding your true nature. 

Out of the Woods

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